Pinarello Size Guide

Pinarello Sizing Guide

Pinarello manufacture more size variations than most other brands. For example the Dogma F8 is available in 13 different sizes. This is so that you, the customer, end up with the perfect fitting bike without the need for a custom bike fit. It does however make initial sizing slightly more complicated but our Pinarello trained staff are here to help with any enquiry so please get in contact if you are unsure.

Please be aware that different manufacturers use different methods for sizing their bikes, a 53cm Pinarello is not the same as a 53cm Specialized for example. Pinarello quote their frame sizes based on the seat tube length (CC) measured from bottom bracket up to the centreline of the top tube. Some manufactures quote the measurement from bottom bracket to the seat clamp (CF) and so this measurement will be greater for the same overall frame size.

As the size increments are so small most people will suit more than one frame size. It is then down to rider preference which frame size they go for based on factors such as type of use and specific body measurements. Younger more racing orientated riders tend to go for the smaller frame size as this allows them to get a lower more aerodynamic position. Riders looking for a bit more comfort tend to go for the slightly larger size as this raises the handlebar height and reduces the pressure on their wrists and back.


Women’s Sizing

Pinarello manufacture such a large number of sizes for each of their models that most women find they don’t need a women's specific bike to get the perfect riding position. The smallest frame sizes; 42cm, 44cm and 46.5cm, have a slightly sloping top tube anyway making them more suited to women and junior riders. Small changes such as a women’s specific saddle, shorter stem and brake reach adjustment can help achieve the perfect position for a female cyclist.

For those that struggle to find the perfect fitting bike Pinarello now make 4 Easy-Fit sizes. These are designed for riders with a shorter torso and/or arms, making them perfect for, but not limited to, female cyclists. The Easy-Fit frame incorporates a slightly taller head tube for each size to create an increase in the top tube slope - effectively shortening the top tube.

The following models are currently available in Easy-Fit sizes:

Compact and Race Geometry

The majority of Pinarello bikes have a typical road racing geometry. These bikes are stable and agile whilst helping the rider achieve the optimum balance between comfort and speed. The geometry is comparable between most models of Pinarello bike so if you are a 53cm on a Marvel you will most likely be a 53cm on a Dogma.

The Razha K, Rokh and Dogma K have a slightly more relaxed geometry which helps to improve ride comfort whilst maintaining performance. A slightly shorter top tube and taller head tube help lift your riding position and reduce the pressure on your arms. This coupled with a more compliant frame design to dampen road vibration reduces the overall soreness and fatigue you may feel at the end of your ride.

The Marvel and Rokh feature exactly the same grade of carbon fibre and come with exactly the same build specifications and price. The Marvel is a typical Pinarello geometry and perfect for training and racing whereas the Rokh has a compact geometry, making it ideal for Sportives and long days in the saddle. You can use the geometry charts to compare top tube measurements on each model. In the example below if you ride a 51.5cm Marvel you would choose a 49cm Rokh to give you a slightly shorter reach and taller riding position.

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